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SMC represents cultures and nations from all over the world. We utilize our sigificant diversity in scientific know-how to achieve greater results as a team. A nice side product of this diversity is that we have ever-tastier fika! Interested in joining SMC?

Scientists within Synthetic Molecular Chemistry

Leandro Cid Gomes

Leandro Cid Gomes spent five years in the oil industry before moving to Sweden to join the Ottosson group as a PhD student supported by the FORMAS and the Swedish Energy Agency. In his PhD work he is developing photosynthetic routes to renewable liquid fuels and lubricant oils. Besides using light for his own reactions, Leandro basks in the long sunny days in the Swedish summer, plays kubb with his friends or use their company to overcome the winter.

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Wanja Gschwind

portrait of Wanja Gschwind

Wanja Gschwind joined the Ott lab in 2020 to pursue his PhD, investigating the potential of redox active MOFs as photoelectrochemical catalysts for hydrogen evolution and other purposes. Previous to that he conducted his master’s thesis at the University of Basel, Switzerland, in the field of antibiotics research. There he explored the metal dependent substrate promiscuity of the potential antibiotic target DapE. Besides that, Wanja is a bachata and salsa dance teacher. He also enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and hiking.

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Amol Kumar

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Amol Kumar is currently a PhD candidate in Prof. Sascha Ott's lab. His doctoral research focuses on developing redox-active MOF thin films and exploring new paths in organic catalysis. Prior to joining the Ott lab, Amol obtained his bachelor's and master's degree in chemistry from IISER Kolkata, India, where he did his master's project under the supervision of Dr. Biplab Maji on “Manganese catalyzed selective Alkylation exploring the transfer hydrogenation”. 

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Sascha Ott

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Sascha Ott (born in Germany, 1973) studied chemistry as an undergraduate in Germany and Australia, and obtained his PhD in Chemistry at University College London, U.K., in 2002. Following postdoctoral work with Profs. Björn Åkermark and Licheng Sun at Stockholm University, Sweden, he moved to Uppsala University in 2004, and became Professor in Synthetic Molecular Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry – Ångström Laboratory in 2017. He is the recipient of a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (2015), the Göran Gustafsson Prize for younger researchers (2010), and the Lilly och Sven Thuréus Prize from the Royal Society of Sciences Uppsala (2017). Research in the group is centered on different topics at the interface of organic chemistry and molecular inorganic chemistry. These include works on low-coordinate and low-valent phosphorus in an organic chemistry context, and the development of molecular redox catalysts of energy relevance, more recently in the confinements of MOFs.  

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Ott Group

Nathalie Proos Vedin

portrait of Nathalie Proos Vedin

Originally from the south of Sweden, Nathalie Proos Vedin moved to Uppsala in 2012 for her undergraduate studies. After having earned her MSc degree in theoretical and computational chemistry, she joined the Ottosson group for her PhD studies. Her research focuses on the excited state (anti)aromaticity concept and photoreactivity. In her spare time, Nathalie enjoys dancing and reading fantasy novels. Additionally, colourful lights and ice cream are two things that make her unreasonably happy.

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Nina F. Suremann

Nina F. Suremann was born 1996 in Switzerland. She received her bachelor's and master's degree in chemistry from the University of Zurich in 2018 and 2020, respectively. In 2019, she completed her master's project in the group of Prof. Roger Alberto at the University of Zurich. Her work focused on the development of a mixed-aromatic ring sandwich complex library, starting from a fulvene-benzene-type Rhenium complex and a variety of nucleophiles. In June 2020 she moved to Uppsala, Sweden, where she joined the group of Prof. Sascha Ott as a PhD student. Her current research concerns the investigation of photoelectrocatalytic applications of porphyrin-based MOFs on semiconductors for the reduction of carbon dioxide. 

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Monika Tomar

I am from Delhi, INDIA. I am Pharmacist before Chemist as I have a bachelors in Pharmacy from DIPSAR and Masters in Process Chemistry from NIPER, Mohali, INDIA in 2018. I was involved in Radical Chemistry for the Synthesis of Quinazoline and Azafluorenone. Also, I worked for a year in ´Integral Biosciences Pvt. Ltd´ for the synthesis of Anticancer Drugs. I have joined Borbas group as a PhD in September 2020. Currently, I am working on ´Photocatalytic Reactions catalyzed by Lanthanide complexes´.
I enjoy spending my spare time making Art and Crafts work, Always ready to play Volleyball and If you love F.R.I.E.N.D.S, then I already like you.

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Thi Thuan Tran

portrait of Thi Thuan Tran

I am from Phu Yen, Vietnam. I earned my bachelor from Ho Chi Minh City University of Education. After that, I continued my master at Ecole Polytechnique, France with the focus on radical reaction under the supervision of Prof. Samir Zard and titanium-mediated cascade for the synthesis of substituted pyrrolidines from suitable thioamides with Dr. Yvan Six. I have joined in Ott group as a PhD student in October 2020 and work in the field of new silicon-based reductive cross-coupling reaction of carbonyls. Outside the university, I enjoy my life by cooking, reading books, and exploring nature.

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