Ångström Advanced Battery Centre

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The Ångström Advanced Battery Centre (ÅABC), led by Professor Kristina Edström, is the largest battery research group in the Nordic countries.

Our research focuses on all aspects of the chemistry of rechargeable batteries and fuel cells: cathode, anode, and electrolyte materials. The applications are mainly batteries for electric vehicles, microbatteries, and Lithium-air batteries.

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Research areas within ÅABC

We within Ångström Advanced Battery Center (ÅABC) work with all aspects of lithium-ion batteries, from detailed studies of established commercial materials to development of cutting-edge, new materials.

We are also highly active in the development of the next generations of electrochemical energy storage technology, including sodium-ion, lithium-air and lithium-sulfur batteries.

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Last modified: 2021-08-20