Michal Maj Group

Laser spectroscopy

Within the research in our group we apply ultrafast multidimensional laser spectroscopic techniques and structural biology methods, such as cryogenic electron microscopy, in search for answers to fundamental questions in chemistry and biophysics.

More information can also be found on our external website: www.majgroup.net 

Research projects in our group

The structure and function of molecules are largely determined by the way their chemical bonds move and interact with each other. Chemical bonds are dynamic entities, exhibiting collective structural changes on timescales as short as a trillionth of a second. 

The ultrashort pulsed lasers used in our laboratory are designed to observe such fast events, both under equilibrium conditions and following an instantaneous external perturbation. Our research interests are diverse, covering a wide spectrum of topics at both the molecular and cellular levels, with a keen focus on understanding both the structure and dynamics of the studied molecules. 

Last modified: 2024-02-27