2022.09 Warmly welcome Dr. Fangwen Cheng, Mr. Markus Erlacher and Mr.Sanghyoek An join our group!

2022.09 The project Photo2Fuel that our group is invovled has been granted in the framwork of Emerging technologies for a climate neutral Europe from EU commission.

2022.07 Dr. Mariia Pavliuk is awarded Prize from GRC Catalysis 2022 conference. Congratuations! 


2021.03 Welcome Dr. Bin Cai to join our family. Dr. Cai is supported by Wenner-Gren Foudnation for postdoc training in Sweden.

2021.03 Congratulations to Sina Wrede who got the poster prize in 5th Chemistry PhD mini-conferene, UU. 

2021.02 Welcome project students, Javier Enrique Sebastian AlonsoSiri Overgaard Mogensen and Emil Säbb joining us!

2021.02 Dr. Aijie Liu's paper "Panchromatic Ternary Polymer Dots Involving Sub-Picosecond Energy and Charge Transfer for Efficient and Stable Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution" has beeb accepted in JACS and promoted by UU news "Producing more sustainable hydrogen". Cheers!


2020.12 Dr. Lei Tian got VR international postdoc grant. Big congrats to Lei! 

2020.12 Dr. Haining Tian was interviewed by KAW foundation. See the report "Converting solar energy into fuels using nanoparticles, water and CO2"

2020.09 Dr. Lei Tian's paper on "Understanding the Role of Surface States on Mesoporous NiO Films" has been accepted for publication in JACS. Great achievement! Cheers! 

2020.09 Welcome Andjela Brnovic, Sicong Wang and Dr. Haoliang Cheng to join our big family.

2020.07 Our collaborated work with Dr. Gustva Berggren group from Molecular Biomimetics has been published in ACS Catalysis as cover article: "Carbon Dots and [FeFe] Hydrogenase Biohybrid Assemblies for Efficient Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution". This work is supported by Swedish Energy Agency. 

2020.06 Heyin Chen successfully defended her Master thesis. She will be a PhD student in Structure Chemistry in Ångström Lab! Congratulations!

2020.05 Sina Wrede's perspective paper on "Towards sustainable and efficient p-type metal oxide semiconductor materials in dye-sensitised photocathodes for solar energy conversion" has been accepted for publication in PCCP. Well done!

2020.04 Dr. Haining Tian is awarded Göran Gustafsson's big prize for young researcher. Cheers!

2020.03 Tandem Solar Cell project with Prof. Lars Kloo (KTH) has been granted by Energy Agency. New idea with new challenge!

2020. 03  Lei Tian has sucessfully defended his PhD thesis "Exploring Dye-Sensitized Mesoporous NiO Photocathodes: from Mechanism to Applications" (Opponent: Prof. Odobel Fabrice). Congratulations, Dr. Lei Tian! 


2019. 12 Sina Wrede has been selected to receive big prize for her Master thesis from Chemical Society in Uppsala. Tons of congratulations to Sina! Good job!

2019. 12 Dr. Haining Tian has been selected as one of Wallenberg Academy Fellows in 2019. See more information in Cheers!

2019. 11 We received finacial support from Olle Engkvist Foundation and Carl Trygger Foundation! Cheer!

2019. 11 Dr. Mariia Pavliuk and Dr. Aijie Liu recieved Åforsk traveling grant. Congratulations to both of you!!

2019. 11 Sina Wrede starts her new science aventrue as a PhD student in our group! Welcome!

2019. 10 Lei Tian's new paper "Mechanistic Insights into Solid-State p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells" is published in J. Phys. Chem. C. Cheers! 

2019. 06 Dr. Jing Huang's new paper "A heavy metal-free CuInS2 quantum dot sensitized NiO photocathode with a Re molecular catalyst for photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction" is published in Chem. Commun. Congratulations! 

2019. 05 Dr. Bo Xu's paper "An Indacenodithieno[3,2‐b]thiophene‐Based Organic Dye for Solid‐State p‐Type Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells" has been accepted for publication in ChemSusChem. Cheers!

2019. 05 Martin Axelsson and Dr. Mariia Pavliuk got travel funding from Åforsk to attend the 3rd International Solar Fuel (ISF-3) in Hiroshima, Japan; Dr. Aijie Liu got travel funding from Wenner-Gren fundation to join the 7th Semiconductor Photochemistry (SP7) in Milano, Italy. Congratulations to our excellent co-workers!

2019. 04 Dr. Haining Tian is awarded Young Investigator Prize by European Photochemistry Association (EPA). Cheers!

2019.04 Dr. Mariia Pavliuk and Dr. Naresh Duvva joined our groups. Warmly Welcome!

2019.02 Dr. Haining Tian's invited Perspective  "Solid-state p-type dye-sensitized solar cells: progress, potential applications and challenges" has been accepted for publication in Sustainable Energy Fuels. 

2019.01  Dr. Aijie Liu's new paper "Hollow Polymer Nanoparticles: Nature Mimicking Architecture for Efficient Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution" has been accepted for publicaiton in J. Mater. Chem. A as a hot paper. Congratulations!


2018. 11  Dr. Haining Tian is promoted to Senior Lecturer (Universitetslektor). Cheers!

2018. 10  Sina Wrede joined our group for her Master thesis. Welcome and Enjoy new adventure in Physical Chemistry! 

2018.10  Dr. Bo Xu and Mr. Lei Tian's new paper "Solution-Processed Nanoporous NiO-Dye-ZnO Photocathodes: Toward Efficient and Stable Solid-State p-Type Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells and Dye-Sensitized Photoelectrosynthesis Cells" has been accepted for publicaiton in Nano Energy. Congratulations! or

2018.07  Dr. Jing Huang's work regarding "Covalently linking CuInS2 quantum dots with a Re catalyst by click reaction for photocatalytic COreduction" has been accepted for publication in Dalton Trasaction (2018,47, 10775-10783), which is collected in the theme of New Talent: Europe. Congratulations!

2018.05  Erasmus Student Vinh Nguyen from Finland joined our group for his internship. Warmly Welcome!

2018.04   Dr. Jing Huang, Dr. Bo Xu and Lei Tian got travel grants from Åforsk and Wenner Gren Foundation. Congratulations to all of you!

2018.03   Dr. Katerina Hola joined our group as Postdoc. Warmly Welcome!

2018.03   Our research was funded by Olle Engkvist Byggmästare foundation. Cheers!

2018.02   Erasmus student Enrica Casilli from Italy joined our group. Warmly Welcome!

2018.02   Dr. Aijie Liu joined our group as Postdoc with receving grant from Wenner Gren Foundation. Warmly Welcome!


2017.11   Our group research was funded by the Swedish Research Council. Cheers!

2017.06   Dr. Jing Huang and Dr. Bo Xu joined our group as Postdocs. Warmly Welcome!

2017.06   Our research was funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. Looking forward to having new challenges and results! 


2016.05   Dr. Haining Tian received Göran Gustafsson prize for young researchers: small prize. Cheers!

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