Göran Rämme regarding his research interests

"The use of soap films and soap bubbles in science education provides a number of advantages. Experiments of this kind can illustrate scientific principles and be used to simulate a number of surface and interfacial phenomena within various disciplines of natural sciences. The starting materials are usually inexpensive and readily available and the variation in applications is versatile. Furthermore, another advantage is that experiments are safe under normal precautions. Experiments with soap films and soap bubbles also have the capacity to bridge Art and Science either used for entertaining, educational or scientific purposes.

My extensive work on soap films and soap bubbles during many years has focused on the development and improvements of experiments with soap films and bubbles and I have worked for an increased use of the field in science education at all levels.

I have delivered many lectures on the topic over the years for a wide variety of audiences both nationally and internationally." 

See Publications for information regarding the books on experiments with soap films and soap bubbles that he published during the years.  

Last modified: 2021-04-26