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Göran Rämme standing in a giant soap bubble
Göran Rämme 

Curriculum Vitae

Göran Rämme presents soap bubbles to his grandson Viktor.
Göran with his grandchild Viktor.
  • Göran Rämme was born in Åtvidaberg, Sweden 1938. 
  • Degree of fil lic at Uppsala University 1966.
  • Postdoctoral research in photochemistry using flash photolysis technique at Rensselaer Polytechnique Institute, Troy N.Y., USA 1966 - 1967.
  • Appointed as Director of Studies at the Department of Physical Chemistry in Uppsala during the period 1986 –1995.
  • Retired lecturer at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, 2005-2021.
  • Special research interests: surface chemistry, especially soap films and soap bubbles and the development of teaching aids. 
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