Chemical dynamics

We study chemical dynamics of ultrafast processes, as well as slow processes like molecules moving in a gel.

Ultrafast processes are studied by femtosecond laser spectroscopy, where we follow reactions and processes by transient absorbance in the UV/VIS/mid-IR range. This includes excited state relaxation and isomerization dynamicsas well as electron and proton transfer reactions. We also use X-ray scattering at synchrotrons and free electron lasers to probe the structural dynamics of small molecules in solution and well as large biomolecules.

The rate of swelling or collapse of a gel is important when e.g. using small gel particles to encapsulate drug molecules, which can then be released in the body when the gel will swell at a certain pH or salt concentration. These processes can also be studied by computer simulations, where it is possible to investigate which properties of the gel are most important for a specific application.