Research groups within Molecular Biomimetics

Gustav Berggren group
An interdisciplinary approach to bioinorganic chemistry, combining synthetic chemistry as well as classical biochemical and biophysical techniques, and covers a broad range of topics related to metalloproteins and their cofactors.

Peter Lindblad Group
Research focusing on the design, engineering, construction and analyses of photosynthetic microbial cell factories (cyanobacteria) for the direct production of solar fuels.

Pia Lindberg Group
Our current research interests are in the field of metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria with a focus on biofuels

Ann Magnuson group
Electron transfer proteins in heterocystous cyanobacteria, with focus on photosynthetic membrane proteins and hydrogenases.

Fikret Mamedov group
No web page yet.

Johannes Messinger group

Karin Stensjö Group
Our main interest is to design robust strains of cyanobacteria to be used in large-scale cultivation for biofuels production.

Stenbjörn Styring group
In the group we focuses on Photosystem II and artificial photosynthesis.

Last modified: 2021-09-30