Cecilia Blikstad Group

The cyanobacterial CO2-concentration mechanism

The Blikstad group is interested in carbon fixation and the CO2 concentration mechanism in cyanobacteria. To overcome Rubisco’s catalytic limitations, cyanobacteria have evolved a system which create a locally high concentration of CO2 around Rubisco. The system consists of two major components: energy-coupled inorganic carbon transporters and carboxysomes, a bacterial organelle that encapsulate carbonic anhydrase and Rubisco within a protein shell. We use a combination of biochemistry, enzymology, synthetic biology, structural biology, and bioinformatics to study various aspects (function, structure, assembly, regulation etc.) of the cyanobacterial CO2 concentrating mechanism. A basic understanding of this mechanism will guide novel approaches for engineering future microorganisms and crops with enhanced photosynthetic efficiencies. 

For more information about our research, visit our external site: blikstadlab.org

Last modified: 2021-06-08