Microbial Chemistry

Research in Microbial Chemistry is of fundamental science character in the borderland between chemistry, cell- and molecular biology, and genetics. The vision is to use a combination of advanced gene technology and synthetic biology to develop and analyze photosynthetic microorganisms to be used in future biotechnological applications. At present, the largest research area aims to develop cyanobacteria which convert solar energy into an energy carrier.

"Chemistry with specialisation in Microbial Chemistry" is a PhD subject at Uppsala University. 

Research Groups within Microbial Chemistry

Peter Lindblad Group
Research focusing on the design, engineering, construction and analyses of photosynthetic microbial cell factories (cyanobacteria) for the direct production of solar fuels.

Karin Stensjö Group
Our main interest is to design robust strains of cyanobacteria to be used in large-scale cultivation for biofuels production.

Pia Lindberg Group
Our current research interests are in the field of metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria with a focus on biofuels.

Cecilia Blikstad Group
The group is interested in carbon fixation and the CO2 concentration mechanism in cyanobacteria. 

Last modified: 2021-07-21