Ann Magnuson Group

Image from: Raleiras et al. (2016) Energy & Environmental Sience, 9: 581-594.

We focus on biophysics and biochemistry of hydrogenases and photosynthetic membrane proteins. We use biophysical techniques, such as EPR spectroscopy, to analyze how electrin transfer componets are affected by ther chemical environment. Analyzing fundamental aspects of enzymes advances the understanding of the function of these enzymes, but also how to engineer them to our benefit. Is redox tuning the final frontier of bioinorganic chemistry….? 

Research Projects within Magnuson Group

  • Redox tuning in NiFe-hydrogenases
  • Alternative forms of Photosystem I
  • Membrane proteomics in heterocysts

Group Members in Magnuson Group

Ann Magnuson

Telephone:  +46 18 471 6582
Visiting address: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1, 75120 Uppsala
Postal address:  Box 523, 75120 Uppsala
  • Åsa Söderberg, PhD Student
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