Ongoing research in Varghese Group

We work at the interface of chemistry and biology. We design novel synthetic strategies for developing functional biomaterials and novel nucleic acid-based precision medicine drugs for translational medicine. 

We have a multidisciplinary team with experience in synthetic organic chemistry, cell and molecular biology, material science and clinical research. Such a unique interdisciplinary environment allows us to perform research at the highest level with synergies between scientists from different domains of science. We believe in science without any boundaries and therefore encourage our team members to make bold steps and venture into untested waters.

This result in an exceptional team environment where chemists perform biological experiments and biologist participate in pre-clinical research. We also have close collaborations with Uppsala University hospital and leading researchers across Europe and Asia. Broadly, our research could be categorised into four different areas that are closely interconnected.

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Our research is funded by the following organizations: 

Swedish Research Council

Marie Curie Actions



Promobilia Foundation

Last modified: 2021-11-22