New coatings for fuel cells

Fuel cells which hydrogen and oxygen to produce electric energy have an interesting potential in a future sustainable society where hydrogen is an important energy carrier. A problem here is that bipolar plates with the gas flow channels usually are made of stainless steel which corrodes in the extreme environment inside the fuel cell. We are developing new coating materials which can protect the bipolar plates.

Carbon-containing multicomponent materials in fuel cells

We have during many years been working on the development of new coatings which can protect the bipolar plates. Currently, we are a part of the FunMat2 Competence Center financed by Vinnova and managed by Linköping University. Within this Center we are developing new coating materials based on multifunctional coatings such as high-entropy alloys produced by magnetron sputtering.  A major goal is to develop multifunctional coatings with highcorrosion resistance, high hardness and large ductility by the addition of non-metallic elements such as carbon

Contact person: Prof. Ulf Jansson

Last modified: 2021-05-28