Bruker Discover

Bruker  Discover

Thin film diffraction motorized sample stage. The system has a fast Lynxeye PDS detector and “easy the change” optics.

Motorized sample stage and laser guided height alignment.

Primary optics:

  • Motorized slit system
  • Parallel beam x-ray mirror
  • Beam collimators¨

Secondary optics:

  • Motorized slits
  • Parallel beam collimator
  • Lynxeye PSD detector can also be used as 0-D-point detector.
Bruker Discover with motorized sample stage and Lynxeye PSD detector.


GIXRD, XRR and fast Ө-2Ө scans, by using the motorized sample stage “phase  mapping” is possible.

Last modified: 2021-05-31