Other local research equipment at Inorganic chemistry

Besides the above mentioned local infrastructur, the inorganic research programme has a large selection of equipment to aid the synthesis and characterisation of inorganic materials

Sputter deposition systems for thin film synthesis

  • "Hälge" - UHV sputter system from Mantis (QPrep 500i) with 4 sources
  • "Sleipnr" - Bespoke UHV sputter system optimised for compositional gradients, with 4 sources
  • "Svanslös" - Bespoke UHV sputter system with 4 sources

Equipment for chemical vapour deposition

  • Bespoke CVD system with...
  • Bespoke CVD system with...
  • Picosun ALD system

Equipment for wet-chemical synthesis

  • Glove boxes
  • ...


  • Renishaw Raman spectrometer with 4 lasers, NIR to UV
  • UV-Vis spectrometer

Equipment for additive manufacturing

  • Equipment for production of composite filaments
  • Ultimaker S5 fused deposition moulding 3D printer
Last modified: 2021-06-02