Materials for nuclear power applications

Within the SSF ARC Sunrise six-year project, aiming at verifying a Gen IV lead cooled reactor design and materials for the construction of a test reactor, materials are developed and tested for their performance in various parts of the reactor. This kind of reactors work at 500OC+ and must sustain their integrity over long times in the hot molten lead. Depending on the place and function of the material there are different requirements. Our focus is on (i) materials for the impellers, which must be resistant to erosion (ii) coatings on steel to enhance the naturally formed surface structure and composition and (iii) synthesis of (Zr/U)N nano-powders for sintering into fuel pellets. This also includes various, e.g. Lanthanide dopants to simulate fission products formed during operation.

New synthesis routes to carbide and nitride nano-powders for sintering into nuclear fuel pellets

Hard composites for impellers in lead cooled Gen IV nuclear reactors

Last modified: 2021-05-31