The SciFest research festival showing chemists in front of an audience.

Chemistry for pleasure and utility

We want to share our fascination for the chemistry in nature, spread knowledge about how the research in chemistry has improved the life quality for humanity and what possibilites the ongoing chemical research can bring in the future.

Collaborate with us at Chemistry - Ångström

The Faculty of Science and Technology has a common unit for cooperation with, above all, the school but also with the general public, business and society. They coordinate, among other things, study visits to the Department and arrange an annual science festival (SciFest) where several of our researchers participate.

Learn more on how to interact with us on the Science and Technology website.

Children sitting at a table and getting help from scientists to build solar cells.

Alumni network

People walking towards Uppsala University's main building.

Uppsala University’s Alumni Network is a network for former students and a meeting place for career development and forging professional contacts.

The Alumni Network is for everyone who has studied or worked, or is working at Uppsala University. Also our honorary doctors, guest researchers, board members and others close to the University are regarded as alumni.

More about the Alumni Network