Sascha Ott - Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name                            Sascha Ott
Date & Place of Birth:   September 14th, 1973, Heilbronn, Germany
Family Status:               Married to Marjam Ott, three children (Nora, Milo & Dante)

Academic Qualifications

Current Position

Since 02/2016     Full Professor in Synthetic Molecular Chemistry at Uppsala University.

2010-2017           Research Fellow of the Swedish Research Council (rådsforskare), financed through a personal grant from the Swedish Research Council

Previous Academic Positions

06/2015-01/2016        Senior Lecturer (Lektor) in Synthetic Molecular Chemistry at UU

01/2007-10/2010        Junior Researcher Position (FoAss) at Uppsala University, Sweden financed by the Swedish Research Council (VR)

07/2004-12/2006        Researcher (Forskare) at Uppsala University, Sweden

08/2002-06/2004        Post-doc at Stockholm University, Sweden with Prof. B. Åkermark and Prof. L. Sun

Docent Competence

2007-09-19               Docent in Chemistry with Specialization in Organic Chemistry

Doctoral Degree

03/1999-06/2002      PhD at University College London, UK (2002-06-10)

List of Group Members

Principal PhD supervisor of: Dr. Lennart Schwartz (graduated: 2009-03-06); Elisabet Öberg (graduated: 2012-06-08); Anna Arkhypchuk (graduated: 2013-06-14); Giovanny Parada (graduated: 2015-06-12); Sonja Pullen (graduated: 2017-05-19); Keyhan Esfandiarfard (started 05/2013); Juri Mai (started 11/2014); Ben Johnson (started 11/2015); Timofey Liseev (started 05/2016); Nicolas D’Imperio (started 01/2017); Ashleigh Castner (started 03/2017)

Former and Current Postdoctoral Collaborators (2005-ongoing; mostly for two years): Dr. H.-C. Rudbeck, Dr. Bernhard Schäfer, Dr. Yan Geng, Dr. Salah Ezzaher, Dr. Xue-Li Geng, Dr. Sandeep Kaur, Dr. Michael Karnahl, Dr. Marie-Pierre Santoni, Dr. Maryline Beyler, Dr. Andreas Orthaber, Dr. Yurii Svyachenko, Dr. Djawed Nauroozi, Dr. Reuben Jane, Dr. Travis White, Dr Edgar Mijangos, Dr. Biswanath Das, Dr. Valentina Leandri, Dr. Ulrike Fluch, Dr. Hemlata Agarwala, Dr. Tianfei Liu, Dr. Souvik Roy, Dr. Asamanjoy Bhunia.

Career Grants and Prizes

06/2016    European Research Council: Consolidator Grant

04/2010    Göran Gustafssons Stiftelse: Large Göran Gustafsson Prize for Younger Researchers

2010         Vetenskapsrådet: “Rådsforskare” position & project grant

05/2007    Göran Gustafssons Stiftelse: Small Göran Gustafsson Prize for Younger Researchers

11/2006    Vetenskapsrådet: Junior Researcher Position (FoAss) and project grant.