All that exists is chemistry - both objects that exist naturally and those that are manufactured. The subject chemistry is all about the substances and materials we are surrounded by, how they are structured and how they affect each other. YOU are chemistry.

Welcome to Chemistry at Uppsala University!

With us, at Uppsala University, you find one of the country’s best educations in chemistry - linked to world-leading research. The teaching is characterised by an extensive range of courses, excellent research affiliation and a large proportion of laboratory work. The creative and research-intensive environment contributes to both broad knowledge and cutting-edge expertise. 

The research subject chemistry with us at Uppsala University includes analytical chemistry, biochemistry, physical chemistry, macromolecular chemistry, molecular biomimeticsorganic chemistryinorganic chemistrystructural chemistry and synthetic molecular chemistry. This breadth and expertise are reflected in outstanding research. For example, synthesis of complex molecules, materials for catalysis, medical uses in drug development and understanding of brain diseases.

Many prominent scientists have worked within chemisty at Uppsala University, including the Nobel Laureates The Svedberg and Arne Tiselius. Their research has contributed to methods for purification and characterisation of complex materials. Today, synthetic materials with different functions are produced and studied in Uppsala, from those that mimic photosynthesis in plants to polymeric materials that can replace damaged human tissue.

The Section of Chemistry consists of two departments at two campuses; Department of Chemistry - Ångström at the Ångström Laboratory and Department of Chemistry - BMC at the Biomedical Centre (BMC). Research at BMC focuses more on the life sciences and at Ångström Laboratory more on materials and energy. You find more information about our two departments at their respective website. 

Department of Chemistry - BMC

The Department of Chemistry – BMC embodies the main research and education in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and organic chemistry, at the Faculty of Science and Technology. It is geographically located within Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), a campus for scientific research and education in biology, chemistry, medicine and pharmacy.

In our research, we try to understand the chemistry behind the mysteries of life. By developing new methods to study both naturally occurring and foreign chemical substances in biological systems, we contribute to increased knowledge about how different molecules interact and affect living cells. We also design new chemical substances and modified biomolecules with tailored properties that can be used to alter and study biological processes. The aim is to improve human health and environment. An increased knowledge of how biological systems work and are affected by different chemical substances allows us to understand the cause of various diseases and find methods for diagnosing and treating them. It can also help us to find green solutions to technical problems, for example by replacing hazardous chemicals with environmentally friendly alternatives and exploiting the natural properties of biomolecules in various chemical processes.

Chemistry - BMC Website

Department of Chemistry - Ångström

At the Department of Chemistry at Ångström Laboratory we conduct research and education within inorganic chemistry, macromolecular chemistrymolecular biomimetics, physical chemistrysynthetic molecular chemistry, and structural chemistry.

Chemistry is an important key in the development towards a more sustainable society. At the department, we try to find solutions to some of the challenges we face, for instance by developing the next generation of batteries, more efficient solar cells, more environmentally friendly hydrogen, and finding materials that can replace critical elements.

Chemistry - Ångström Website

Study Chemistry in Uppsala

A couple of female chemistry students dressed in laboratory coats and safety goggles.

Do you have imagination, are you curious and creative? Then chemistry have many exciting areas to offer. New substances are created every day in hopes of finding intelligent materials, new medicines and to get new insights into how nature works. If you are a more theoretical person you can design molecules in the digital world.

The width within chemistry is reflected both in curricula and research. We have everything from basic level courses to specialized courses, within bachelor, engineering and master level programmes. The courses within our master programmes are given in English. 

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The research within chemistry

Kristina Edström

Meet our researchers

She has put Uppsala University’s battery research on the world map.
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Our research within chemistry at Uppsala University is organised in 9 different research programmes, focusing on different areas: 

Our researchers have access to extensive infrastructure and we are involved in several larger research collaborations together with researchers from other departments and universities.

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