Section of Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

New polymer biomaterials are designed to trigger desired biological responses with the aim of resolving clinically relevant questions. Special emphasis is given to tissue regeneration and drug delivery where new materials are synthesized and evaluated in vitro and in vivo.

Research groups

Bowden Group

(No web page yet.) 

Varghese Group

Translational research in Chemical Biology is the focus of my research. We explore the transformative power of Organic Chemistry and combine it with Biology and Medicine to develop next generation of materials and therapeutic molecules for biomedical applications.

O.P. Oommen Group

Our research is directed towards designing biomacromolecules for medical applications, where we use polymers found in the human body's extracellular matrix (ECM) to tailor self-assembled nanocarriers and bulk hydrogels. Innovative synthetic strategies allow formation of these systems to control cell and tissue response to therapeutic agents and material surfaces. 

Ossipov Group

Development of biofunctional synthetic or semi-synthetic materials designed to interact with cells in vivo for regenerative medicine and chemotherapy.