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  • Kjellander, Marcus; Billinger, Erika; Ramachandraiah, Harisha; Boman, Mats et al.

    A flow-through nanoporous alumina trypsin bioreactor for mass spectrometry peptide fingerprinting

    Ingår i Journal of Proteomics, s. 165-172, 2018.

  • Trbakovic, Amela; Hedenqvist, Patricia; Mellgren, Torbjörn; Ley, Cecilia et al.

    A new synthetic granular calcium phosphate compound induces new bone in a sinus lift rabbit model

    Ingår i Journal of Dentistry, s. 31-39, 2018.

  • Tong, Dongmei; Lönnblom, Erik; Yau, Anthony C. Y.; Nandakumar, Kutty Selva et al.

    A Shared Epitope of Collagen Type XI and Type II Is Recognized by Pathogenic Antibodies in Mice and Human with Arthritis

    Ingår i Frontiers in Immunology, 2018.

  • Liu, Tianfei; Guo, Meiyuan; Orthaber, Andreas; Lomoth, Reiner et al.

    Accelerating proton-coupled electron transfer of metal hydrides in catalyst model reactions

    Ingår i Nature Chemistry, s. 881-887, 2018.

  • Sand, Andrew M.; Hoyer, Chad E.; Sharkas, Kamal; Kidder, Katherine M. et al.

    Analytic Gradients for Complete Active Space Pair-Density Functional Theory

    Ingår i Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, s. 126-138, 2018.

  • Rodushkin, Ilia; Paulukat, Cora; Ponter, Simon; Engström, Emma et al.

    Application of double-focusing sector field ICP-MS for determination of ultratrace constituents in samples characterized by complex composition of the matrix

    Ingår i Science of the Total Environment, s. 203-213, 2018.

  • Ajalloueian, Fatemeh; Lemon, Greg; Hilborn, Jöns; Chronakis, Ioannis S. et al.

    Bladder biomechanics and the use of scaffolds for regenerative medicine in the urinary bladder

    Ingår i Nature reviews. Urology, s. 155-174, 2018.

  • Kalepu, Jagadeesh; Gandeepan, Parthasarathy; Ackermann, Lutz; Pilarski, Lukasz T. et al.

    C4-H indole functionalisation: precedent and prospects

    Ingår i Chemical Science, s. 4203-4216, 2018.

  • Lesniak, Anna; Aarnio, Mikko; Diwakarla, Shanti; Norberg, Thomas et al.

    Characterization of the binding site for d-deprenyl in human inflamed synovial membrane.

    Ingår i Life Sciences, s. 26-33, 2018.

  • von Fieandt, Linus; Larsson, Tommy; Lindahl, Erik; Bäcke, Olof et al.

    Chemical vapor deposition of TiN on transition metal substrates

    Ingår i Surface & Coatings Technology, s. 373-383, 2018.

  • Kootala, Sujit

    Chitin Nanoforms Provide Mechanical and Topological Cues to Support Growth of Human Adipose Stem Cells in Chitosan Matrices

    Ingår i Biomacromolecules, 2018.

  • Wang, Zhaohui; Pan, Ruijun; Ruan, Changqing; Edström, Kristina et al.

    Conducting polymer paper-derived separators for lithium metal batteries

    Ingår i Energy Storage Materials, s. 283 283-292 292, 2018.

  • Oroujeni, Maryam; Kaboudin, Babak; Xia, Wei; Jönsson, Petra et al.

    Conjugation of cyclodextrin to magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles via polydopamine coating for drug delivery

    Ingår i Progress in organic coatings, s. 154-161, 2018.

  • Lindblad, Rebecka; Oscarsson, Johan; Fredin, Kristofer; Eriksson, Susanna K. et al.

    Controlling energy level positions in hole conducting molecular films by additives

    Ingår i Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, s. 100-106, 2018.

  • von Fieandt, Linus; Johansson, Kristina; Lindahl, Erik; Larsson, Tommy et al.

    Corrosion properties of CVD grown Ti(C,N) coatings in 3.5 wt-% NaCl environment

    Ingår i Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology, s. 316-320, 2018.

  • Kubin, Markus; Guo, Meiyuan; Ekimova, Maria; Källman, Erik et al.

    Cr L-Edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of CrIII(acac)3 in Solution with Measured and Calculated Absolute Absorption Cross Sections

    Ingår i Journal of Physical Chemistry B, s. 7375-7384, 2018.

  • Nilsson, Viktor; Younesi, Reza; Brandell, Daniel; Edström, Kristina et al.

    Critical evaluation of the stability of highly concentrated LiTFSI - Acetonitrile electrolytes vs. graphite, lithium metal and LiFePO4 electrodes

    Ingår i Journal of Power Sources, s. 334-341, 2018.

  • Maurer, Dirk; Lohkamp, Bernhard; Krumpel, Michael; Widersten, Mikael et al.

    Crystal structure and pH-dependent allosteric regulation of human β-ureidopropionase, an enzyme involved in anticancer drug metabolism

    Ingår i Biochemical Journal, s. 2395-2416, 2018.

  • Johnson, Ben A.; Bhunia, Asamanjoy; Fei, Honghan; Cohen, Seth M. et al.

    Development of a UiO-Type Thin Film Electrocatalysis Platform with Redox-Active Linkers

    Ingår i Journal of the American Chemical Society, s. 2985-2994, 2018.

  • Sá, Jacinto; Garlisi, Corrado; Palmisano, Giovanni; Czapla-Masztafiak, Joanna et al.

    Differences between bulk and surface electronic structure of doped TiO2 with soft-elements (C, N and S)

    Ingår i Materials Chemistry and Physics, s. 281-288, 2018.