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Self-Assembly of Square-planar Halide Complexes of Trimethylphosphine-Stabilized Diphenyl-Arsenium, -Stibenium, and -Bismuthenium Hexafluorophosphates

Johannes Wielandt, Simon Petrie, Nathan Kilah, Tony Willis, Rian Dewhurst, 
Ferdinand Belaj, Andreas Orthaber, Robert Stranger, Stanley Bruce Wild
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Square-planar halide complexes in which four trimethylphosphine-stabilized diphenyl-stibenium or -bismuthenium ions surround a central halide ion in discrete centrosymmetrical structures of C4h symmetry have been isolated and their structures determined by X-ray crystallography. The structures are stabilized by electrostatic interactions between the halide ion and four positively charged trimethylphosphine-stabilized diphenyl-stibenium or -bismuthenium ions, as well as four edge-to-face phenyl–phenyl embraces above and below the plane containing the nine main group elements. The parent halide-free trimethylphosphine-stabilized diphenyl-arsenium, -stibenium, and bismuthenium hexaflurophosphate complexes have also been prepared and structurally characterized.