2nd Advanced Powder Diffraction Workshop

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We are happy to announce that the "Advanced Powder Diffraction Workshop” will be held on the 12th-14th August 2019 at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University, Sweden.

The workshop is jointly arranged by the Nordforsk Network on Functional Materials and SwedNess.

In the lead up to completion of new facilities, MAX-IV and the European Spallation Source (ESS), researchers within the Nordic region has the unique opportunity to significantly expand their analytical capabilities. After the huge success of the first Advanced Powder Diffraction Workshop, we will once again be running it with a tighter focus on advanced methods of characterizing powder diffraction data.

In support of this, the Advanced Powder Diffraction workshop is being offered with two aims: 
1) To present the upcoming opportunities at ESS and MAX IV with respect to powder diffraction
2) To demonstrate the advanced analysis methods needed to analyse the non-standard diffraction data that can be obtained with new techniques.

Attendees of the second half of the workshop will have the opportunity to receive small-group training in two of the following programs:

TOPAS            PDFGUI/DiffPyCMI                Magnetic diffraction              MPDF

With a focus on small group sessions, students will have ample opportunity for dedicated hands-on training with instruction from highly experienced researchers. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own diffraction data for the workshop sessions.

Registration deadline 29th July 2019
As the workshop will focus on advanced features in TOPAS, in the registration form we ask for you to state your prior experience. This will enable us to appropriately adjust the content to the experience of participants - Register here.

Note! There are a limited number of spaces so please register as soon as possible so as to ensure a spot at the workshop.


William Brant, Uppsala University (william.brant@kemi.uu.se)