Welcome to the Ott Group!

The group covers a broad range of different topics within organic and molecular inorganic chemistry.

 Photo of the Ott group

The projects are centered on synthesis and functional studies of molecular systems for applications in catalysis and material science. Particular interest lies in the mechanistic understanding and development of catalysts for homogenous fuel production. In collaboration with other groups of the Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis (CAP), the developed catalysts are employed in light-driven schemes, with the aim to make SOLAR FUELS accessible. 

In a second project line, the group is interested in novel conjugation topologies, in particular the incorporation of main group elements different from carbon into oligoacetylene frameworks. New synthetic approaches to intriguing heterocycles such as phospholes and oxaphospholes have recently been established, and the suitability of these materials for organic electronic applications is investigated.