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Research within chemistry

Welcome to Chemistry!

The Section of Chemistry is part of the Faculty of Science and Technology and consists of two departments at two different campuses; the Ångström Laboratory and the Biomedical Centre (BMC).

Research at the Department of Chemistry - BMC focuses more on the life sciences and at the Department of Chemistry - Ångström more on materials and energy. We have a very close cooperation within both research and education as a large part of the research is cross-border and the education are common.

Another department with chemical connections is the Department of Medicinal Chemistry located at BMC but belonging to the Faculty of Pharmacy. Pharmaceutical research also exist within the Section of Chemistry, but focusing on the development of new drugs.

Chemist - a profession for the future

SACO, a trade union confederation in Sweden, predicts that the future prospects for chemists are good. Fewer and fewer are training to become chemists while the demand increases. Meanwhile, the average age of the chemists at work are high and many will retire in the near future. This means that those who educate themselves in chemistry will have a good labor market after graduation.

For more information, see the SACO report "Prospects - The labor market for graduates in 2018" (in Swedish).

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